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||MS Applications

The Contract Tracking System is used by the Office of Beaches and Coastal Systems for contract management and fiscal administration of Florida's Beach Erosion Control Program. The Florida's Beach Erosion Control Program is a program of the State of Florida administering a budget of 30 millions dollars per year to restore and re-nourish the eroded beaches of Florida. The Contract Tracking System stores general and financial information on beach erosion control projects and uses a customized Microsoft Access 97 interface to display, edit and query data and produce reports from the database.

|Key Benefits

Silver diamond bullet  Inexpensive application

Silver diamond bullet Very user friendly

Silver diamond bullet Graphical User Interface

Silver diamond bullet Quality Control and Assurance embedded in the application to reduce operator's error

Silver diamond bullet Automatic computation for bills and balance

Silver diamond bullet Extensive report functions

Silver diamond bullet Extensive use of drill-in reports and forms to make available additional information when      needed

Silver diamond bullet Links with other Microsoft applications (MS-Word, MS-Excel, etc.)


Silver diamond bullet Very good solution for small size of database (~100 Mb)

Silver diamond bullet Limited number of concurrent users with edit capability

Silver diamond bullet Characteristic and limits of Client-server application

|Documentation and Downloading

Silver diamond bullet Manual. The user manual is released with any of our applications.


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