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A successful life-cycle database application has the following stages:

Silver diamond bullet Installation of development software and hardware (system architecture).

Silver diamond bullet Data analysis, information system modeling, database creation.

Silver diamond bullet System and network administration.

Silver diamond bullet Database administration, optimization, backup and recovery.

Silver diamond bullet Development of a customized Graphical User Interface (software development).

Silver diamond bullet Administration and support of the application (upgrades, modifications, improvements of      the customized application in terms of Graphical User Interface and database structure).

A database application is a snapshot model of a business reality taken in a unique instance of space and time. As the reality changes from place to place or from time to time, so too the model may require changes. It may mean that a new modified database application will need to be developed and deployed. Continued application support is an essential service vital for the long-term success of any software application throughout its life.

Silver diamond bullet New development (new life cycle of the product).

To realize and support the above mentioned application development during its entire life, a company needs an IT department with the following roles/expertise:

Silver diamond bullet Project manager – manages the project in term of resources, time and costs

Silver diamond bullet System architect – determines the specifications for the hardware/software needed for the      success of the project according to costs/performances constraints

Silver diamond bullet Database architect – provides data analysis, information system modeling, logical      definition of database

Silver diamond bullet System and network administrator – provides system installation, assistance,      troubleshooting

Silver diamond bullet Database administrator – installs and administers the database

Silver diamond bullet Database developer – develops the graphical user interface

Enterprise 24x7 Inc. provides a specialized team of consultants with all the above expertise at a competitive price to State Agencies and to Private Companies. Our teams tackle your IT problem, analyze the data, create the database, create the interface, administer the database, define the support system, administer the system, administer the interface and provide on-going maintenance as requested. During the contract life Enterprise 24x7 Inc. provides periodic progress report where project milestones and achievements are presented and compared against projections with your Company team. This allows us to immediately identify potential project impacts and to make the necessary corrections during the development of the project and before its deployment in order to ensure a timely delivery at the minimum cost to you the customer!




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