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||Data Management and Software Development

The efficient and accurate management of data has been an essential part of every business venture from the time of the Assyrians, with their papyrus recordings, to the binary revolution of the computers. In today’s business environment, the need for timely, meaningful and accurate information can make the difference between a business growing or folding. Knowledge is power and knowledge relies on data; however data can be difficult to analyze and even tougher to validate. To be comprehensively used as knowledge, data needs to be:

Silver diamond bullet Widely collected

Silver diamond bullet Accurate

Silver diamond bullet Scientifically analyzed

The modern IT technology empowers businesses with unprecedented tools at unprecedented speeds, but to tap into the full potential of that power requires careful initial analysis, thoughtful design and a vision for the future!

Using suitable state-of-the-art Database management software (Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, MS-Access) Enterprise 24x7 Inc. develops, deploys and implements customized web multi-tier or client-server applications. Specifically, the Company offers the following IT services:

  • We develop user-friendly graphical interfaces to speed up data collection while simplifying data analysis and reporting (C, C++, C#, VB, .NET, ASP, J2EE, Java, HTML, XML, Oracle Forms and Reports, Crystal Reports, etc.).

  • Database development and administration (Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, MS-Access)

  • Data-warehouse architecture & maintenance including Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes

  • Outdated technology application upgrade and enhancement

  • Application Software Maintenance

  • E-permitting is the term used to describe mechanism to allow the electronic submissions of requests and reports in the regulatory environment. Data is transmitted via the internet in a standardized format eliminating incompatibility in software and hardware platforms

  • Large Binary Object file database development and administration. Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) is data consisting of a logical unique set of digital units of zeros and ones that cannot be partitioned in smaller elements. Almost every modern organization has thousands of files (maps, drawings, pictures, films, and ASCII data files) which could be better managed using BLOBs or indexed-files organized by each section in its own directory structure

Each project is assigned to a project manager. Each project manager assembles a team consisting of consultants with the skills needed to meet the project objectives. When you hire one of our consultants, you hire Enterprise 24x7 Inc.

Enterprise 24x7 Inc. embeds the business rules of your company into both the database structure and the interface to ensure only quality data is allowed into your database. The data entry screens are designed to match your standard operating procedures so only the minimum amount of effort is required to enter new information. Enterprise 24x7 Inc. turns your information into meaningful graphics and reports !



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