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||IT Services

Enterprise 24x7 Inc. provides the following IT consulting services:

  • Database development and administration (Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, MS-Access, etc.)

  • Web-based and Client-Server Software Development (Oracle Forms and Reports, Crystal Reports, .NET, ASP, Java, J2EE, HTML/XML, VB, C, C++, C#, etc.)

  • Database development and administration (Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, MS-Access, etc.)

  • Project & Program Management -  System & Business Analysis

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • GIS - Geographical Information System development and administration

  • Application Maintenance Outsourcing Services and Outdated technology application     upgrade and enhancement

  • Database Services (ETL – Extract Transform Load, Large Tables, Large Binary Object file, Database Installation & Optimization, etc.

  • System and Network Administration (UNIX, Linux, Microsft, routers, switches, infrastructure)

  • Data Modeling and Simulation


|Data Management and Software Development & Maintenance

The efficient and accurate management of data has been an essential part of every business venture from the time of the Assyrians, with their papyrus recordings, to the binary revolution of the computers. In today’s business environment, the need for timely, meaningful and accurate information can make the difference between a business growing or folding.


|Project & Program Management and Business Analysis 

Enterprise 24x7 Inc. provides simple to complex Project management following PMI standards and principles, and Multi-project and Program Management including establishment of Project Management Office and related templates, which has been used successfully from small to large organizations up to State Agency Divisions.


|Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Enterprise 24x7 Inc. adheres and provides ISO and IEEE IT standards for Quality Assurance and Control in IT Projects, following the V-model approach.



A Geographical Information System database, GIS, focuses on the visual representation of the data in relationship to their geographical position.


|System & Network Engineering and Administration

Enterprise 24x7 Inc. is on the cutting edge of technology with respect to computer hardware and software. The continuing advancements in the IT arena make it imperative to keep abreast of new developments to ensure we continue to provide the best service to our client’s. We operate on a variety of platforms including UNIX, LINUX, and Microsoft and have an extensive in-house library of data.


|Service Offerings

Enterprise 24x7 Inc. provides three major service offerings, one or more of which are selected for the contract: Customer's Model, E24xinc's Model and Mixed Model.


|Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

A database application is a snapshot model of a business reality taken in a unique instance of space and time. As the reality changes from place to place or from time to time, so too the model may require changes. It may mean that a new modified database application will need to be developed and deployed. Continued application support is an essential service vital for the long-term success of any software application throughout its life.



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